Saturday, September 1, 2012

DIY Regency Poke Bonnet

I've been in love with the poke bonnet that Kate Winslett in Sense and Sensibility forever. Finally I found where to purchase the base for this bonnet and make my own!

Although to be technical, this is actually called a capotes.
Now to get the frame for this hat you need to go to Hats by Leko
She does require a $28 minimum balance to purchase because she's a whole seller and the Twisted Sea Grass only runs about $8's but check out her other stuff, she's got a lot of stuff for making Regency hats.
When you get your hat it's going to look something like this;
Nice and flat from shipping- but fear not! It is very mold-able.
You will want to get your hat completely wet and then place it on your form. Begin to mold it to a head shape first.
Now I found the hat altogether too long so I cut off the bottom hem.
I then folded it under to form a new hem.
Then taking it to my sewing machine and using a long stitch and a neutral colored thread, I sewed the new hem down.
Returning to molding my hat, I turned the brim up in the back and sewed a stay stitch. Although you could easily re-wet it and clip your hat with some clothes pins to dry. It should stay just fine that way as well.
If you like you can decorate your hat from here but other than that, you are done!


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