Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Regency Bonnet Tutorial

"I don't think it's very pretty but I thought I might as well buy it as not,"
"It's vile, isn't it Lizzy!"
"Very ugly. What possessed you to buy it Lydia?"
"Well there wasn't much out there in the shop. I shall pull it to pieces when I get home and see if I can't make it up any better,"
-Pride and Prejudice.

You Will Need

1 4th of July from Target
Velvet or fabric of choice
Ribbon or trim of choice
Needle And Thread
1 Seam Ripper

Target was selling these beyond ugly straw hats for a $1. Start with something like this as your base hat.

Its lucky that the trim for this hat is sewn on- you can easily use your seam ripper to remove the trim.

(note: if you are using a different hat where the trim is hot glued on, use nail polish remover to remove glue)

Because of the edge of this hat being unfinished, it is important to add a trim around the brim of the hat. I used a braided trim but you can also use ribbon. Carefully hand sew this to your hat.

Cut a circle of fabric that is larger than the base of your hat. You could use the brim of your hat as an outline. Hem the circle and run a draw string through.

Place the fabric on your hat and pull the draw string tight around the base.

Add a ribbon trim around the base of your hat, carefully sewing by hand.

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